Company News

In 2023, South London Movers experienced a dynamic year, marked by robust activity and meaningful interactions with our clients. It was a year of both challenges and achievements, and here’s a data-driven glimpse into what we accomplished.

A Year of Diverse Removal Jobs

Our team successfully completed 718 removals, a mixture of local (531), storage (159), and EU/Worldwide (28) moves. Each job was an opportunity to showcase our expertise and adaptability in different removal scenarios.

Handling Logistics

This year saw us moving over 40,000 boxes, a testament to our team’s hard work and efficiency. Additionally, managing over 500 storage containers was a significant part of our operations, emphasizing our capacity to handle diverse storage needs.

South London Movers Growth and Expansion

2023 was also a year of growth for us. We welcomed 3 new members to our team and expanded our fleet with 2 new vans, enhancing our ability to serve more customers across London and beyond.

Customer Feedback

Feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. With 93% of clients recommending us and a 97% satisfaction rate, we’re encouraged that our focus on quality service is resonating with our customers.

Moving Trends

Our services catered to a wide demographic, with 63% of our moves involving rental properties and 37% involving property completions. This variety reflects our ability to adapt to the different needs of our customers.

Popular Destinations

Kensington & Chelsea emerged as a favoured destination among our clients. Moving to this prestigious borough was a common trend we observed in 2023.

Reflecting on the Year

Looking back, 2023 was a year where our team’s dedication shone through in every task. The trust our customers placed in us was a driving force behind our efforts to provide reliable and efficient moving services.


As we look ahead, we’re motivated to continue building on the foundations we’ve set. Our goal remains to provide top-tier moving services, and we’re gearing up for whatever new challenges and opportunities the future holds

We wish our partners and clients a very happy New Year as we look forward to serving South London even more in 2024!