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Love the idea of moving to the rolling hills, deep valleys, and quaint countryside scenes you grew up dreaming of? Wales is the place to make it happen folks! The beauty of this delightful part of the UK is it’s sure to guarantee you a warm welcome, no matter where you’re from. All you have to do is make sure you pick a part of the country that’s the perfect fit for you and the whole family. 

To make things simple, we’ve put together this handy little guide that will hopefully talk through everything you need to know without delay. Perfect when you want to take the stress out of your move with nothing more than a couple of minutes spent reading. Enjoy! 

Cost of living when moving to Wales

Cost of living fluctuates all the time, but at time of writing the average cost of living in Wales is approximately 15% lower than that in the rest of the UK. Good news for anyone looking to make their money go that little bit further each month so you can spend less time working and more time with the family. 

One thing to have in the back of your mind when making these kinds of comparisons is that while the cost of living is lower, so are the average wages. The amount you will see your salary change will depend heavily on where you move to in Wales, your profession and the state of the economy at the time. If in doubt, try to factor this into your initial calculations as best you can so that you’re aware of the potential for your income to reduce slightly. 

You can expect your bills and expenses to be on average £300 a year cheaper if you live in Wales, excluding housing. This gives you the ability to stretch your budget that little bit further because the everyday essentials and utilities we all have to pay are that little bit cheaper across the border. It won’t be life-changing, but add it to the reduced cost of housing and you’ll soon see why life in Wales has become increasingly desirable for people at all stages of life. 

Property prices in Wales

Don’t get too alarmed by the previous section and all that talk of tumbling wages because your biggest expense — owning a home — will cost you on average 30% less when you make the move across the border. Ideal when you want to make sure that you really do get value for money while also being able to easily offset any small real terms drop in your household income. Shop around a little and you’ll be able to find great value, plenty of employment options, and a relaxed and balanced way of life that allows you to get the best of everything. 

Expensive areas in Wales

Just because the average house prices are lower than in England doesn’t mean you’ll always get your dream home for less when you make the move to Wales. Find yourself in Cowbridge, where you’ll be within easy commuting distance of Cardiff, and you’ll find the average house prices are just over £450,000. As with any built-up area, you’re paying a premium for the higher population density, greater levels of infrastructure, and greater access to high-paying professional jobs in the nation’s capital. 

If you’re happy to compromise on these, you’ll find a whole host of locations that will feel like home and offer comparable homes for less than half the price. Ideal when you want to enjoy the freedom and choice so many of us move to Wales for in the first place. 

Rural areas like Ceredigion

The beauty of life in Wales is that you can choose from remote rural hamlets, major cities, and anywhere else in between. Perfect if you want to be able to live life your way, and all in a way that allows you to set down roots, raise the kids, and feel right at home and truly at ease from the moment you arrive. Central Wales is also home to some stunning traditional valleys that have been left largely untouched by the major chain stores and shopping centres that seem to be everywhere you look these days. A great option to consider for those of you looking for a more sedate and calm way of life. 

Can anyone move to Wales?

If you’re allowed to live in the UK, all you have to do to live in Wales is find your dream home and pick up the keys. For those who are moving abroad, Wales is subject to exactly the same entry requirements as the rest of the UK, giving you plenty of options without an ounce of extra paperwork. 

The M4 corridor from UK to Wales

If you want to make sure you still have easy access to high-paying corporate jobs in your professional sector of choice, the M4 corridor is the place to base yourself. You will pay a premium for your proximity to Swansea and Cardiff, but this may be unavoidable depending on your choice of career. That said, if you love your job and are happy moving out into one of the surrounding satellite villages, you’ll be able to get the perfect combination of city wages and semi-rural living. 

Anything else to know about moving to Wales

To make sure you we leave you with all the info you’ll need to start planning your dream move, here’s a quick rundown of some key pieces of info you’ll want to be aware of: 

  • West Wales is the countryside and the coast mixed together in perfect harmony. Take a closer look at homes in this region if you want to be able to raise the kids close to two very different, and equally charming, types of landscapes. 
  • Wales is the most popular retirement destination in the UK because of the unique combination of a low cost of living, well-funded healthcare, and a slower pace of life when you base yourself away from the big cities on the South Coast. 
  • If you’re not a British citizen and you’re moving to Wales from outside the UK, you will need to pay a small charge for your healthcare as part of the submission of your immigration paperwork. This will typically be between £470 and £624 per year, per person.
  • The Welsh language may not be spoken outside Wales, but bilingual education is a common feature of the educational landscape in Wales — particularly in more rural environments. 
  • If you feel like stretching your legs and really getting to know your new home, the Wales Coast Path is the best way to do it. Not only does it offer 870 miles/1400 kilometres of unbroken coastal walking, it will also take you around the entire Welsh coast in style. 

We’ll leave you to digest everything you’ve read; and when you’re ready to start planning the logistical part of your move, you know who to call, we cover local and national removals from UK. Enjoy!