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Ready for a fresh start and a clean break that will take you to a new part of the country? How about Scotland! This stunning little corner of the world is perfect when you want to get away from so much of the hustle and bustle down south while also embracing a new and varied culture.

Not sure about all the specifics of making your move north? We’ll talk you through everything you need to know to get things moving without delay….


Scotland unique culture and heritage

If you want to get to know Scotland from the moment you arrive, throw yourself headfirst into the unique culture and proud heritage the place has to offer. Jokes about the Welsh and English will be commonplace, but if you ride them the right way, you’ll fit in without any bother. Everything is done in jest and with a keen sense of humour, which gives you plenty of ways to get yourself in with the locals. Once they take a shine to you, they’ll be more than happy to talk you through everything from the best watering holes to the folklore your new home is known for. Make a little effort when you first arrive and it’ll play off in a big way before you know it. 

The Scottish accent is one of the thickest out there, and when you add in the unique slang, it can sound like a whole new dialect to some. Take your time, ask politely if you’re unsure, and you’ll be picking it up before you know it. Ideal when you want to feel at home and at peace without an ounce of stress. 


Tax Regime in Scotland

Tired of the 20% tax bracket down south? The good news is that in Scotland it’s only 19%! High earners will pay a little more because the thresholds for the second bracket are a little different, but the key point here is that Scotland is an area of the country that rewards people who want to make something of themselves. By cutting its citizens that little bit of extra slack when they enter the world of work, the Scottish tax system is designed to be more progressive than those you’ll find in the other corners of the UK. 


Moving to a Scottish City

Edinburgh and Glasgow are by far and away the two major destinations for people moving to Scotland, but don’t feel like they’re your only choices. If you’re happy to live a little further out and commute to work, you can live in a whole host of stunning little villages set in amongst some of the most stunning countryside and scenery you’ll see anywhere in the UK. Ideal when you want to get away from the hectic nature of city living and raise the kids in an area the whole family will instantly fall in love with. 


Public transport in Scotland

The funding that’s gone into public transport, as well as the relatively low levels of road congestion, make it a real asset for anyone living in Scotland. Of course, if you base yourself in one of the more remote areas, a car will be obligatory if you want to get around, but in towns and cities, you might not even need a car. Ideal if you want to reduce the expense of your current two-car household budget and spend your hard-earned money on things that you enjoy. 


Scottish Weather

No one likes to hear this one, but it really does come with the territory. If you move to Scotland then you have to be prepared to put up with the rain. Ask the locals what it’s like and you’ll likely get a wry smile and then a few words that make it sound like no big deal. And if you love everything else about the idea of moving to Scotland, why let a few extra showers put you off?


Cost of Living in Scotland

London is pricey, and not just when it comes to rental and mortgage prices. The overall cost of living: food, drink, transport, fuel, shopping, and utilities is actually 30% more in London than the Scottish average. If you’re moving from the heart of the south to set up home in the more tranquil north, you’ll be delighted to know just how much further your money will go each month. 

Being a student, £ 9,250 a year is what a degree will cost you in England, but it won’t pay you a penny if you live and study in Scotland. This is a real selling point for young families who want to plan for the future and find a simple way to avoid saddling the next generation with a five-figure debt they’re going to take a lifetime to pay off. 

Remember that the average wage in Scotland is lower.

There are so many positives about moving to Scotland that it’s easy to forget that one of the major reasons life is cheaper is a result of wages being a little lower. Before you make your final decision, work through a projected monthly budget to make sure you’ll be better off in real terms from having made the switch. The chances are you will be because of the progressive tax system, but it never hurts to double check these things to make sure your move gets off to the perfect start. 


Home reports in Scotland

Every home seller in Scotland is legally required to present a home report to the buyer, which is not the way things are done in the rest of the UK. The great thing about this is it helps you get the peace of mind you need, while also ensuring nothing is missed in the checking and surveying phase. If in doubt, ask for the home report early and you will have access to anything and everything you need to make an informed decision. 

Homes in Edinburgh are 70% less than in London.

Not only are house prices much better value in Scotland, you’ll also find that London rental prices are nearly triple the Scottish average! This gives you an idea about the overall cost of living and how much money you can expect to save when you make the switch and base yourself north of the border. Just make sure you give yourself enough headway to take into account this last key point that many people miss during the initial planning stage…


Final thoughts

Moving to Scotland is a great way to build a happy way of life, and if you follow our hints and tips above, it’ll be easier than you think. At South London Movers, we offer a complete service for small and large removals to Scotland. Now you’ve heard our thoughts, it’s over to you to start putting the wheels in motion for your dream move. Have fun!