Moving & Removals

Relocating from the UK to the Netherlands? While the excitement of a new beginning in the land of tulips and canals might be invigorating, the process of moving internationally can be intricate and demanding. From the vital preliminary considerations to understanding the Dutch way of life and integrating seamlessly, this guide delves into every facet of the relocation process. 

Read on to navigate your Dutch journey with clarity and confidence, ensuring your move is as smooth as a Dutch cycle path. Whether you’re chasing new job prospects, academic pursuits, or a refreshing lifestyle change, we’ve got you covered.


Considerations Before moving to the Netherlands

The first step of any successful relocation is preparation. Before embarking on your Dutch adventure, it’s essential to lay down some groundwork:

  • Assess Your Motivations: Why are you moving? Whether it’s for employment, education, or simply a fresh start, understanding your reasons will help shape other decisions about your move.
  • Familiarise Yourself with Cultural and Social Differences: While the Netherlands and the UK share many Western similarities, subtle cultural nuances can make a world of difference. Spend some time researching Dutch customs, etiquette, and local customs.
  • Budgeting: Moving internationally can be costly, and expenses can quickly mount. Create a detailed budget, accounting for everything from moving company fees to potential rent deposits and immediate living expenses upon arrival. Don’t forget to factor in possible hidden costs!


Sorting and Downsizing

Relocating can be the perfect opportunity for a clear-out. Before packing:

  • Determine Essentials: While it might be tempting to take everything, consider the practicalities. Some items might be cheaper or easier to purchase once you’re in the Netherlands.

  • Sell, Donate or Store: Assess items that might not be essential for your new Dutch home. Consider selling them, donating to charities, or, if they have sentimental value, storing them.

  • Furniture Decisions: Think about the feasibility and cost of transporting large furniture pieces. Sometimes, it might be more economical and less stressful to sell in the UK and repurchase in the Netherlands.


Documentation and Formalities for your Move to the Netherlands

Paperwork might not be exciting, but it’s pivotal:

  • Secure the Right Visa: Post-Brexit, the rules have changed. Depending on your reason for moving, you may need a specific visa or permit. Ensure you’re applying for the correct documentation well in advance of your move.
  • Gather Essential Paperwork: Birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic qualifications, and any other necessary paperwork should be at the top of your list. It’s a good idea to have both originals and certified copies.
  • Stay Updated on Immigration Rules: As with all bureaucratic procedures, rules can change. Regularly check the latest immigration requirements, especially given the recent changes post-Brexit.


Hiring a Reliable Moving Company

Your possessions represent a lifetime of memories. Entrusting them to a removal company is a big decision:

  • Research is Key: Look for companies with experience in UK-Netherlands or European removals. Check reviews, ask for recommendations, and get quotes from multiple firms to ensure you’re getting a fair deal from a reputable company.

  • Insurance Considerations: It’s crucial to understand what’s covered in the event of loss or damage. Check if your chosen company provides comprehensive insurance or if you need to purchase additional coverage.

  • Packing Wisely: An experienced moving company will often provide packing services or offer advice on best practices. Ensure delicate items are protected, and consider what might be needed immediately upon arrival, packing these in easily accessible places.

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Securing Accommodation in the Netherlands

Choosing where to live is a critical step in your relocation journey:

  • Considering Temporary Housing: For many, the idea of selecting a permanent home before setting foot in the Netherlands can be daunting. Opting for temporary housing like serviced apartments or short-term rentals can give you a ‘home base’ while you search for the perfect place.
  • Understanding Dutch Housing Terms: Dutch property listings come with their own set of abbreviations. Familiarise yourself with terms like “gemeubileerd” (furnished) and “gestoffeerd” (unfurnished but with flooring and curtains) to navigate listings with ease.
  • Engage Property Agents or Platforms: There’s no shortage of online platforms to find housing in the Netherlands. However, given the competitive nature of the housing market, particularly in cities like Amsterdam, engaging with a local estate agent might give you an advantage.


Integration in the Netherlands

Making the move is just the beginning; truly feeling at home in the Netherlands requires immersion:

Engage with the Dutch Language: While the English language is widely spoken, particularly in urban hubs like Amsterdam, picking up the Dutch language can greatly enhance daily interactions. Whether it’s for shopping, social events, or making local friends, knowing the basics can be invaluable.

Partake in Local Traditions: Dive headfirst into Dutch traditions. Whether cheering on the orange-clad crowds on King’s Day or indulging in ‘oliebollen’ during New Year’s Eve, participating in cultural events fosters a deeper connection with your new home.

Building Local Connections: Attend local events, join expat groups or community clubs, and engage with neighbours. Building a support network not only aids in settling in but also offers insights and tips that you might not find elsewhere.

Understanding Dutch Directness: The Dutch are known for their forthrightness. They value honesty and clarity, which might seem blunt at first. Recognising this cultural trait helps navigate both professional and social interactions more smoothly.

Remember, integration is an ongoing process; take each day as an opportunity to learn and grow in your new environment.



Embarking on a new chapter in the Netherlands is a thrilling endeavour, filled with opportunities and discoveries. But, as with any significant life transition, preparation and understanding are vital. From preliminary plans to settling in and embracing the Dutch culture, every step requires diligence and foresight. As you conclude this guide, take solace in the knowledge that you’re equipped with invaluable insights to make your relocation journey smoother and more fulfilling. 

Remember, the Netherlands offers more than picturesque landscapes; it’s a chance for personal growth, new beginnings, and a vibrant new community waiting to welcome you. Safe travels and tot ziens in the Netherlands!