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Moving to Chiswick – What to expect from this picturesque London village

Located in the borough of Hounslow, Chiswick is a popular and affluent west London village. It has seen a steady rise in popularity over recent years due to its great schools, abundant green spaces, gorgeous properties and its accessibility to both central London, and Heathrow airport. If you’re moving to Chiswick (or simply visiting), read…

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Moving to Balham – What to know before you make the move

Balham is a neighbourhood in South London. It is located in the borough of Wandsworth (zone 3), with small parts in the neighbouring borough of Lambeth. Just five miles south of central London, Balham’s neighbours are Brixton to the east, Clapham to the north, and Tooting to the south. If you’re considering a move to…

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Moving to Kingston upon Thames: What to expect from the Riverside Borough

Kingston upon Thames, known locally as Kingston, is one of the 33 boroughs that make up Greater London. Located in southwest London, it is the oldest of the four royal boroughs of London. The others include Greenwich,  Kensington and Chelsea. You may be considering moving to Kingston upon Thames. Whether it be for a new…

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Moving With Plants | Top Things You MUST Know Before A Removal

For humans, pets and plants alike, moving can be stressful. For plants, the stress of the move can cause damage and even death, so it’s important to do some research before packing up your green friends.   If you’ve hired movers, they might not cover damage to plants. Some moving companies will not even allow plants…

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Before Leaving The UK, Don’t Forget These 10 Things

If you’re leaving the UK, moving abroad can seem like a daunting process. If you live in the UK, and are planning to move overseas, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss anything. Below is a handy guide for you to follow, so you can rest assured you have all the boxes ticked…

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The Complete Guide to Moving House | Checklist Included!

Congratulations on finding your new home! Moving house marks a new beginning, but it can also bring on some feelings of apprehension for the work ahead. Proper planning and organization are key to a successful home relocation. That’s why we’ve put together a complete outline of all the steps below. We’ve also included our Complete…

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How To Choose The Right Amount Of Boxes For Any Move

Having trouble deciding how many boxes you’ll need for your next move? Apart from your larger items like furniture and appliances, the rest of your things need to be packed in boxes. Whether you are thinking of renting boxes, hiring professional packers to do the job for you, borrowing boxes from friends or buying them…

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The Complete Office Moving Checklist 2020| From The Pros

The last few months have sparked a huge change in the way we work. For a lot of businesses, traditional office work space has been redefined. Whether you are upgrading to a bigger office space or downsizing to accommodate the increasing number of staff working from home, we are here to help you with the…

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Green Moving | The Ultimate Guide To Eco-Friendly Moves

Green moving is something we should all take more seriously. Moving to a new house can mark an exciting time in your life. The actual process of moving however, is not always so exciting. That said, it is possible to cut down on the anxiety and stress of moving house, while also making sure you…

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Storage Plans across South London

Cheapest Storage Plans South London When moving home, as much as we might want to be able to pack our entire lives into a single lorry and transport it to our new place in one fell swoop, that’s impossible for a lot of people. Storage plans are ideal for providing a temporary place for your belongings…

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