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If you’re leaving the UK, moving abroad can seem like a daunting process.

If you live in the UK, and are planning to move overseas, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss anything. Below is a handy guide for you to follow, so you can rest assured you have all the boxes ticked before heading to the airport. 

Leaving the UK: A 10-step guide for moving abroad from the UK 

1. Visas and Documents  

Since every country is different, it is important to understand exactly what you will need to have with you when you land (visa, medical certificates, specific vaccines or records checks). Make sure to check out the country’s embassy and contact them directly with any questions.  

2. Health and Travel Insurance 

  • Until December 31, 2020, when you travel to an EU country from the UK you should have both: 
    • A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
    • Travel insurance with healthcare coverage 
  • An EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance, so make sure you have both before you travel. For more information and how to apply, check out the official website here:
  • You will also need to deregister from the NHS scheme when you leave the UK.
  • For health insurance in your destination country, make sure to reach out to your future employer or school for expat insurance coverage recommendations.
  • Make sure to invest in travel insurance to make sure that flight cancellations, lost luggage and a host of other circumstances don’t come out of pocket.

3. Driving License

  • If you are heading outside of Europe, you need to request an International Driving Permit which you can do from the Post Office. Click here for more info:
  • It is important that you check with your new country of residence before you travel as you may need to apply for a local driving license as well.

4. UK Tax Requirements

  • The HMRC must be informed of your relocation and you will need to determine your tax status before moving.
  • This can be quite a complex process so we suggest getting advice from a qualified accountant.

5. Renting Out Your Home

  • The most common way of managing your home while abroad is hiring a letting agent to manage your property.
  • Make sure to inform the HMRC of your desire to rent for any relevant tax benefits that might be available.  
  • Inform your mortgage provider.
  • Make sure to secure expat landlord insurance. 

6. Utilities and Subscriptions

Make sure to cancel all utilities and subscriptions before you go. Below is a list for you to consider: 

  • TV licensing 
  • Broadband / cable / satellite 
  • Landline / mobile phone 
  • Gym / health club membership
  • Newspaper / magazine subscriptions 
  • Water supplier 
  • Electricity supplier 
  • Gas provider

Remember to contact the mail service and inform them of your new address.

7. Bank Account

As an expat, whether or not you can keep your UK bank account open or not often depends on:

  • who you bank with
  • how long you have banked with them
  • what type of account you have
  • whether you still have a UK address

It’s best to set up an appointment with your bank to discuss your options.

8. Pension

9. Registering to Vote

Don’t forget to vote while living abroad.

10. Other

  • In the case that you are moving for work or to study, make sure to have a printed copy of your admissions letter and / or contract with clear start and end dates. 
  • Some countries require proof of sufficient bank funds to support yourself upon entering the country and some require proof of a return ticket.
  • Make sure that you have a passport that is not set to expire within the next 6 months.
  • Make sure to inform the UK embassy of your plan to move. 
  • Make sure to check the best money exchange rates and convert some money beforehand to avoid hefty exchange rates at the airport.  
  • Bring outlet adapters for your electronics.   
  • Get quotes from a reliable relocation company that offers storage for items you can’t take with. For more information contact South London Movers today. 

We hope that this guide will help you through the process leading up to your move overseas, so you can focus on the exciting adventure ahead. Bon Voyage!

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